Day 3 calorie count

So today I had A LOT of food – I went over my limit BIG TIME – but on the other hand I’ve walked quite a lot. All of that walking has actually put me in the negatives, calorie wise.


Breakfast 0

I skipped breakfast today since I was late for my train.


Lunch 812

California roll 142

Salmon nigiri 291

Chicken katsu 164

Salmon selection 215


Dinner 786

Salmon nigiri 291

Salmon rice 495


Snacks 204

Baked crisps 204


Water: 3.5 liters

TOTAL: 1 802 calories

Steps: 14 397


I burnt 385 calories from walking all over London today.


1802 – 385 = 1 417

Total: 1 417 


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