First day officially

This is my first day of my Big Fat Disney Diet and it feels awesome! I’m going to the shop in about an hour or so to buy some VLCD powder, a shaker and some fruit to kickstart my weightloss. I’ll probably stock up on some Omega3&6 vitamin pills as well, even though they add about 10-15 calories a day. It should be fine if I plan them in with the rest of my food, just so I won’t get over my 1500 calorie limit.

If I were to eat 1500 calories a day, seven days a week, then I’d lose at least 1kg a week – probably more since I’m really fat, and possibly more depending on my actual calorie count for every day. The water and vitamin pills are definitely going to help me be healthy, not get deficiencies and lose weight too, since it’s harder to lose if you’re malnourished.

To help me count calories, steps, excercise and water intake I’ll be using the My Fitnesspal app on my phone. My phone also counts my steps, which is nice. My official SW (Start Weight) is my CW (current weight), which you’ll find under my Stats page – go and have a look!

If this blog starts doing well I’ll probably start an Insta & Twitter account too, but to begin with I’ll just use the blog for my weightloss.


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