Day 4 calorie count

This one is going to be tricky and I’m just going to an estimate of how many calories I think I had.


Yesterday I had a migraine and after that I had a B/P session. I always, without fail, vomit after a migraine and then get cravings for fast food. I did throw up my dinner within an hour of eating it, and I got rid off 90% of it so I’m going to count 50% of the calories for it. For my binge I had a cheeseburger with mayo plus a pita with chips and salad in in. On top of this I also had a few Malteasers and two 23gr bags of baked crisps.

My estimate is that I had about 1700 calories yesterday, plus burnt off 101 for walking, so it wasn’t too bad. But I wasn’t able to purge the cheeseburger and the pita with chips, which would have put be within my calorie limit.

Other than the burger, pita, crisps and chocolate I had:

Ramen soup with chicken 386

2 Gala apples 142

Baked crisps 204


That totals 731




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