Day 5 calorie count

Today has just been a really shitty day! Everything went fine until I had dinner and for no reason whatsoever I started binging and couldn’t stop. So now I have no idea whatsover of how many calories I’ve cosumed today. FML and fuck me especially! I tried purging, but I couldn’t get anything up today, it’s like I’ve got a blockage that won’t open me up so I can get rid off everything. There’s no other way of explaining it. So, now I’m just trying to make a plan to excercise of the extra calories that I’ve consumed today and things to do to keep my focus away from food and binging. My plan för tomorrow is:

  • Take a looong walk (at least 2 hours. That’ll burn off about 500 calories)
  • Do my grocery shopping at Tesco. I’m going to do it slowly and spend a lot of time in the store, just so that I can walk more and burn off some extra calories.
  • Watch a couple of films on Netflix, just to take my mind off of food and everything.
  • Make sure that I’ve got no binge food at home
  • Take a long cold shower – that’ll help me burn calories since my body has to burn calories to heat itself up again.
  • Do some excercise at home from a Youtube video or My Pro Ana.

At the moment I’m planning my meals for tomorrow too and in a moment I’ll probably watch some thinspo sites or videos.


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